When Should You Mulch?

When Should You Mulch?

Many people struggle with knowing when the best time to begin your mulching is. The correct answer is whenever you are ready…

Spring is a Great Time to Mulch

A majority of our customers choose to mulch in the Spring because it allows for plants and trees to receive a majority of their moisture and gives you a good climate to plant and spread mulch in. The Spring is typically when most of your flowers are planted so it makes an opportune time to mulch as well. Not only does the Spring provide an optimal environment for you to work outside, but it also gives your yard a fresh look just in time for everyone to see. Now you are ready to entertain guests this Spring and Summer with a gorgeous looking garden.

Another Good Time to Mulch Is In the Fall

The next best time that we would recommend would be the Fall season. Fall makes a good time to mulch to get your landscape ready for the cooler temperatures that come in the winter months. And the weather is typically favorable for enjoying spending time outside working in your landscape beds.

What About Mulch in the Summer?

Summer is not necessarily a bad time to mulch, as mulching in the summer can keep plants and landscape cool during the hot weather months. It also retains any moisture that may be in the ground.