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Great soil is an essential part of the landscaping process allowing grass, flowers, and trees to grow and flourish for many years. From the natural soil that forms the basis and structure of all organic life to the topsoil that contains the vital organic nutrients, homeowners and landscapers know that there is no replacement for great soil.

McCarty Mulch & Stone processes and stocks many different soil products. Depending on the use and requirements of your landscape project we have something to meet your needs. Products include brown native Indiana pulverized topsoil, fill dirt, nutrient-rich black peat based topsoil, custom soil blends and mixes and organic-rich compost.

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Pulverized Topsoil

Indiana weather only affords us the ability to work with dry topsoil for about half the year. At McCarty Topsoil we devote an entire building at our facility to housing dry topsoil year round, so wet we

ather is never an excuse to get you the soils you need, when you need it!


We’ve earned a reputation in the Central Indiana area for providing quality dry soils at affordable prices. Whatever quantity you need, from pickup truck loads to full triaxle quantities we can provide it, either for pickup or delivery. Our convenient soil delivery option means that you can have the soil of your choice to your location when you need it, without having to worry about transportation.

With a history of providing topsoil, landscaping mulch, and rock to Central Indiana residents and landscapers alike, McCarty Mulch & Soil has the solution each landscape needs to create healthy, beautiful outdoor spaces.

Before you begin your next landscape or garden project, contact us to find out how we can help you reach your maximum green thumb potential with McCarty’s premium soil products.

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