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Cypress Mulch – A Great Option for Landscaping


Cypress mulch is one of the less expensive mulching options. You can get a great look with a functional mulch without spending a lot of money, even if you have large areas to mulch.

Available in chips or shreds

Cypress mulch comes in both chipped and shredded form. Many homeowners prefer shreds because it stays in place longer and composts faster than chips. It also has more weight to it than other mulches, so it won’t float away even during heavy rains. This helps to increase the value of the mulch, since it needs replacing less frequently.


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Provides nutrition to soil

Unlike some mulches, cypress mulch adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. Plants benefit from these added nutrients.

Cypress mulch is also neutral, so it does not change the pH level of soil. However, according to Purdue University’s Agriculture Extension, it’s important to keep mulch to less than four feet in depth and aerate it on a regular basis if it is near young or tender vegetation. This cuts down on all mulch’s tendency to become sour.

Helps deter weeds

One of the main reasons you use mulch is to keep weeds at bay – cypress is a great option for this. Many other types of organic mulch do very little to prevent weed growth. As a matter of fact, some economical mulching options like grass clippings can worsen a weed problem or cause one where there was none.

Cypress mulch blocks weed growth and prevents airborne seeds from germinating in the soil. And in addition to deterring weeds, it can also help to deter insects.

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