5 Reasons You Should Use Mulch Every Year

Yes, There are Reasons You Should Mulch…

If you’re unfamiliar with the whole mulching craze that happens every spring, here are five reasons you should mulch your yard, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Reason #1: Mulch is Healthy for Your Plants

Mulch is a great way to ensure that your plants and flowerbeds receive the nutrients they need to grow big and beautiful. Not only does mulch provide nutrients, but it also helps to keep the nutrients that already exist in the soil. Mulch is a great insulator for your soil because it keeps the moisture and nutrients in and blocks the beating hot sun from oversaturating your soil and pulling the essential nutrients up and out of the ground.

Reason #2 Mulch Improves the Overall Look of Your Landscape

Spreading mulch in your landscape beds can drastically change the look of your home for the better. Choosing a mulch that adds to the aesthetic of your home can do wonders. Regardless of what color or type you choose, laying down fresh mulch gives your home a very clean look. Dark mulches can help to bring out the color of your house and plants, while light mulch gives the landscape a sharp, natural look.

Reason #3: Mulch is Good for Your Soil

The health of your soil is important. Mulch prevents the loss of water from evaporation, keeping the nutrients in. Once the mulch begins to break down, the nutrients of the mulch are slowly added into the soil, creating a better environment for your plants to grow in. Lastly, mulch can keep the soil cooler in the heat and warmer in the winter. This leads to a more balanced soil temperature, in turn making the soil more fertile. 

grass and dirt

Reason #4: Mulch is Good for the Environment

Mulch is not only good for your soil and plants; it is also good for the environment. Much of the mulch sold at McCarty Mulch and Stone is recycled material brought in by you, the customer! Recycling wood and yard debris leads to a better environment because it keeps the bugs and chemicals associated with rotting wood and yard waste, out of the yard. Burning large amounts of wood and trash can lead to pollution while bringing it to McCarty Mulch and Stone for recycling allows everyone to benefit. You benefit by getting rid of your old yard waste and the world benefits because you’re keeping harmful pollutants out of the air!

Reason #5: Mulching Once and Weed Less

Mulching your landscape beds once a year or even once every two years can allow your plants to flourish. Mulch helps to deter and control weeds. Mulch acts as a barrier, which can limit the amount of sun that weeds are receiving. It also smothers weeds that had already grown and keeps many from freely growing above ground. Mulch can also lead to less erosion, particularly of your soil. Eroding soil can prove to be a bad time for your plants. Mulch allows for a barrier whenever water comes, protecting your soil from washing out.