The Math of Mulch: Use this Handy Calculator

How Much Mulch to Use Many people have a lot of questions about how much mulch to use for their landscape beds or garden. And we have to admit, it can be pretty tough for the everyday person. It’s not like you’re using the measure of cubic yards every day. So, here are a few […]

Compost and Soil Amendments

Using compost is a fantastic way to supply your plants with the nutrients they need to grow to their fullest potential. Compost can be used in the family garden to grow fruits and vegetables, potted plants to improve the life of beloved flowers, and also in your landscape beds to increase the longevity of plants […]

Spring Landscaping Ideas with Mulch and Stone

Mulch and stone are a winning combination for Spring landscaping. Mulch most likely comes to mind when you think of making your garden look pristine and pleasing to the eye. Using it to cover the soil of your flowerbeds or to fill up empty space in your yard are classic ideas, but there are so […]

6 Benefits of Using Compost in Your Garden

Compost is king. If you could only add one amendment to your garden, it would most certainly be compost. There are many other soil amendments used to solve specific issues, such as: Add sulfur or lime to adjust the pH levels of your soil. Add sand to heavy clay soil to make it more workable […]

Get Your Garden In Gear For Spring Planting

If you feel the urge to jump into your garden, spade out and ready to dig into the early Spring’s ground, stop for a moment and ask yourself, Is my garden quite ready? Before you pour seeds into the soil to your heart’s content, you should take some precautions to be sure you’re going to […]

Early Spring Soil Preparation: When and How?

While everyone loves the arrival of spring, gardeners rejoice. The sun feels warmer, flower buds begin to swell, and early bulbs like snowdrops, winter aconite, and crocus are in full blooming glory. Early spring is many gardeners’ favorite part of the year. Patiently (or impatiently) you have been waiting for winter’s end, so you can […]