Late Winter and Early Spring Landscaping Tips

Although winter seems to linger long in the Midwest, spring often blossoms abruptly. Are you ready to perform your late winter and early spring landscaping chores? Getting your landscape ready for the growing season may involve a wide range of tasks from cleaning up debris to dividing perennials. To achieve a beautiful healthy landscape, keep […]

Prep Your Garden Soil for the Next Growing Season

Do you love to garden? If so, you’re not alone. This is especially true now that more and more people are seeking to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. After all, there’s nothing better than fresh organic foods grown in your own backyard. While it might be cold outside right now, it’s still important to prepare […]

How to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs This Winter

Unlike humans, trees and shrubs can’t take off and add layers depending on the temperature. Luckily, they have you. There are certain things you can do before harsh winter temperatures come, and even during the cold snaps, to care for your trees and shrubs so they don’t succumb to the winter blues. Make sure you’re […]

Tips for Winter Mulching in Cold Climate Gardens

Residing in a region exposed to freezing winter conditions demands you protect your outdoor plants from the damaging cold. Mulching gives your garden the insulation it needs from the continuous freezing and thawing cycle it faces in the colder months. The roots of your plants stay warmer for longer when you undertake winter mulching in a […]

Winter Mulching Your Garden: A Basic Guide

Most of the Midwest gets its first freeze around the first of October. For a freeze to happen, the air temperature has to drop below 32 degrees F. Freezing temperatures mean it’s time to turn on the furnace, pull out your fall sweaters, and get out your Halloween decorations. It’s also a critical time to handle winter […]

When Should You Mulch?

When Should You Mulch? Many struggle with knowing when the best time to begin your mulching is. The correct answer is whenever you are ready… Spring is a great time to mulch. A majority of our customers choose to mulch in the Spring because it allows for plants and trees to receive a majority of […]