Four Ways to Prepare Your Garden for the Winter

Your annuals are nearing the end of their lifespan and are starting to feel the cold grasp of the first frosts. After all your hard efforts in the spring and maintenance throughout the summer, it’s tempting to put away your tools and let nature take its course. After all that hard work, it’s time to […]

What is Mulch used for?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “Why do we use mulch?” There’s a good chance, if you’ve been working on your yard or garden, you’ve either thought about laying some mulch around or have already. I’m willing to bet there are many who only spread mulch because everyone else does and they like the […]

What is the Best Mulch for Weed Prevention?

The best mulch for weed prevention will depend on a few considerations: what else you need it to do, where it is laid and of course, what kind of garden or area you are mulching. If you ask any experienced gardener what the most critical factor for a healthy garden is, you may get a […]

Making the Best Garden Soil

  Some gardeners are blessed from the beginning with great garden soil,  that’s great! This article is for those of us that must work at it. And, while we’re talking about it, keep in mind you can buy bulk garden soil which is great for those in a hurry, waited too late in the season, […]

Soil, Landscaping’s Dirty Secret

Why is soil type so important?           Soil is a mixture of rocks, minerals, and organic material. The type of soil used in landscaping affects the types of plants and trees that can grow and thrive, but you likely knew that already. What you may not know is it also affects drainage, […]

What are the Best Mulches for Your Vegetable Garden?

The Use of Mulch Using mulch in the vegetable garden has not only become very popular but is almost seen as a necessity due to the benefits. There was an outstanding paper written by a Texas A&M Professor explaining that “A well-mulched garden can yield 50 percent more vegetables than can an unmulched garden the […]