Making the Best Garden Soil

  Some gardeners are blessed from the beginning with great garden soil,  that’s great! This article is for those of us that must work at it. And, while we’re talking about it, keep in mind you can buy bulk garden soil which is great for those in a hurry, waited too late in the season, […]

Soil, Landscaping’s Dirty Secret

Why is soil type so important?           Soil is a mixture of rocks, minerals, and organic material. The type of soil used in landscaping affects the types of plants and trees that can grow and thrive, but you likely knew that already. What you may not know is it also affects drainage, […]

What are the Best Mulches for Your Vegetable Garden?

The Use of Mulch Using mulch in the vegetable garden has not only become very popular but is almost seen as a necessity due to the benefits. There was an outstanding paper written by a Texas A&M Professor explaining that “A well-mulched garden can yield 50 percent more vegetables than can an unmulched garden the […]

Spring is Here, Time to Mulch! But which is the Best for your Flower Garden?

Mulching is just as much about function as it is about form.  Mulching your flower garden is a basic but essential habit. Beyond inhibiting weed growth, it moderates the temperature so in cold weather zones the mulch protects roots from freezing and helps to prevent frost-heave which literally pushes plants out of the ground because […]

5 Ways to Determine the Best Grass Type for Your Lawn

The time and research you take now to determine the right type of grass for your yard could save you a lot of pain later: haphazard planting could result in a lawn that is discolored, dormant or dismantled, depending on how much traffic it can handle. We’ve outlined a few basics to consider before planting […]

Driveway Renovation: Gravel vs. Crushed Stone

Does your driveway do your home justice? It could add an aged appearance to an otherwise well-maintained property, especially when the driveway is filled with debris, cracked asphalt or concrete sprouting brown vegetation.  An easy fix that will give your home a modern look is to Install pea gravel or crushed stone. Characteristics of gravel […]