How to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs This Winter

Unlike humans, trees and shrubs can’t take off and add layers depending on the temperature. Luckily, they have you.

There are certain things you can do before harsh winter temperatures come, and even during the cold snaps, to care for your trees and shrubs so they don’t succumb to the winter blues.

Make sure you’re taking precautionary steps before the cold arrives. Read on to find out how you can protect your trees and shrubs this winter.

Prune Trees

Not only does pruning trees keep you and your neighbors safe in winter storms, but it also helps their root systems.

If your area is prone to wet winter seasons (this also applies to wet summer months), the ground around them can become soggy and the roots can lift.

This should be considered for trees of any age, but especially large ones with vast root systems. It’s rare, but sometimes the ground simply can’t handle the root systems, causing the tree to fall over.

Any unnecessary weight off the tree can help.

Add Mulch and Soil

Mulch, soil, rocks, and finished compost can also help protect your trees and shrubs through the winter.

Adding mulch adds a layer of protection that is going to get absorbed into the soil, but still works to warm the soil and keep it from freezing. It can also help absorb excess moisture.

Adding soil or finished compost enriches the soil around your trees and shrubs, working to prepare them for new growth in the spring.

Landscape rock is a more permanent top layer to place around plants. It won’t get absorbed into the soil, but it will provide an extra layer of warmth and insulation while remaining safe for the environment.

Know When to Water

Did you know that water acts as a sort of insulator? Watering before a freeze is, therefore, key to any plant’s survival.

Moist soil stays warmer than dry, so watering early in the morning on dry days before snow or rain comes is best. Focus on the roots when you’re watering, though.

Commercial growers and farmers will sometimes freeze the foliage on their crops, but it takes a constant stream and very specific circumstances.

Also, take into account that your trees and shrubs most likely won’t need to be watered as much during the winter.

Provide Support

Providing temporary rope, twine, or cable supports around your trees — especially the younger ones — can help them stay standing during the winter.

Support your shrubs by building a-frames in order to keep heavy snow and ice off the plants. This works especially well with shrubs near the house.

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs With These Tips

The winter can be a harsh time for your trees and shrubs, but it doesn’t have to kill them. Utilizing these tips and tricks can make the difference between a lively period of growth in the spring and you planting new trees and shrubs.

Luckily, McCarty Mulch & Stone is here to help! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.