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Limestone Driveway Stone

Building a driveway or parking area? Topdressing an existing drive or need a base layer for patios or pavers?  Driveway stone is a low cost alternative to asphalt and concrete surfacing. Stone is typically processed from limestone rock but could also be produced from granite or other types of stone.

Typically in Indiana when we speak of driveway stone we are referring to crushed limestone which is relatively abundant and affordable because of the proximity of limestone quarries. Crushed limestone for parking areas is easily maintained and is the most cost effective surfacing when you are looking to save money on your project.

McCarty rock and stone carries Indiana limestone that is screened and crushed into differing sizes for base layers in a driveway or topdressing. For new drives or parking areas we recommend a base stone such as #2 or #4 stone. #2’s are approximately 3”-4” in size and work great as your primary base layer on top of the dirt and provide that firm foundation so the smaller rock does not get lost in the ground. 

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For topdressing there are numerous sizes available including #4’s with an approximate size of  1 ½” or the size of a golf ball, #8’s with an approximate size of 1” and they represent the size of a marble, then you have #53 stone. #53 stone is roughly about ½ stone and ½ lime dust, which gives it the ability to pack better than some of the looser limestone.

We also stock and sell white limestone sand, or patio sand/flume. Flume sand is basically just screened limestone dust and provides a great material for tamping and packing in hardscape projects or can be used between flagstone gaps.  Our wide selection of limestone varies in size depending on your need. See our Driveway stone page for specific sizes and dimensions.

Wholesale Pricing

Cost is often a consideration when choosing the right landscape gravel. If the gravel is going to be used in a driveway or in a high volume area, it’s very important to get the best possible pricing. McCarty Mulch & Stone works with both residential customers and contractors, to create dump truck or tri-axle volume discounts that work within your budget.

Contractors, landscapers and homeowners can access our tonnage rates on stone and gravel to save money on large projects. All of our rock and stone is versatile enough to be used in a variety of projects, so bulk ordering can save you a significant amount of time and money.

Whether you need pea gravel for a walkway or you plan on landscaping with gravel in a large area, McCarty Mulch & Stone has an affordable stone solution for you.

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