Wood Recycling

Wood and Brush Recycling

We’ll take your yard waste and wood debris!

McCarty Mulch & Stone now accepts yard waste and wood debris at our Greenwood, Indiana location. Bring your landscape debris in by the pickup truck load or trailer load.

We accept clean brush and wood debris such as: raw natural wood, brush, limbs, leaves, grasses, mixed yard waste, woodchips and bush trimmings. We do not accept any materials that are contaminated with plastics, trash, chemicals, demolition debris or painted/treated wood. Disposal rates for wood debris and yard waste may apply.

wood-recyclingWhen you bring us your waste wood and materials, we are partnering together in a sustainable green recycling partnership.

100% of the incoming material that we receive from our customers is being recycled into an efficient, clean product such as garden compost or a recycled mulch product like our economy pathway mulch or animal bedding.

Help us to reduce landfill waste and open burning in your community by letting us convert your wood waste into a useful, valuable resource. Reduce your footprint and bring your wood waste to McCarty Mulch where we reduce and recycle for you.

Grinding Services

For real estate developers, cities, towns and municipalities, we can provide mobile yard waste and wood grinding services on your site including screening, grinding and hauling. Let us design a program using our equipment and expertise that best suits you needs.

Call Today! 1.317.885.1985 to receive more information.


Of Your Green Waste Is Recycled Here at McCarty Mulch

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Flagstone Patio and Mulch

John H.

Thanks for your fine service and quality products.

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Lindsay H.

I will HEARTILY recommend you all to anyone. Thanks for the amazing service.

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Nicholas R.

It was great. My wife has declared that you are the Amazon of mulch.

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Tom B.

We were well pleased with our transaction with McCarty. The delivery driver did an excellent job going above and beyond what I expected. Thank you.

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Eric D.

Your staff made ordering and delivery very easy. The driver arrived on time and was very accommodating. Great company and I will use you every chance I get.