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Decorative Rock has a wide variety of uses in landscaping projects, helping designers create beautiful garden beds that are low in maintenance, reduce erosion and promote drainage. Depending on the size and composition, stone and rock can be used as filler or as decoration, enriching landscapes around pools, patios and landscape beds. Choosing natural landscape rock in the right colors and sizes can make a big difference in the look and function of a project.

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McCarty Mulch & Stone carries a large variety of rock and stone, with delivery available throughout the Central Indiana area. Customers choose us for our great prices and friendly customer service, with our knowledgeable customer service representatives working directly with each customer to create the perfect landscaping solution. Because there are many types of decorative rock and landscape gravel, we help customers understand which product is best suited for their needs.


River Rock: River rock is an affordable locally sourced rock product that is available 6 different sizes and textures including #5, #8 and oversize. River rock is typically white and tan in color with grey highlights and is round and smooth. River Rock is very durable, dense and is the most popular rock or stone used for general landscape maintenance.

Haydite: Lightweight and porous. Haydite is a unique, ceramic, lightweight aggregate prepared by expanding select minerals in a rotary kiln at temperatures over 1000°C. The production and raw material selection processes are strictly controlled to insure a uniform, high quality product that is structurally strong, stable, durable and inert, yet also lightweight and insulative. Available in two sizes, large and small. Dark greys and tans in color.

Brick Chips: Recycled crushed brick is rock that is recycled from discontinued bricks. Deep red in color, irregular shapes of medium to large size, very dense. ¾” – 1” in size.

Regional rock and stone products: McCarty Mulch & Stone stocks over 20 local, regional and national types of rock and stone products. These products are sourced from their native environment in states and quarries from across the country. Native to their specific area these products all have a distinctive look and color that give them the character of their respective area. Stone products include: Cranberry Granite, Tennessee Dixie Blend, Pink Granite, Missouri Meramec, New Mexico Red and Black Lava Rock, North Carolina Maylen Black, Pennsylvania Red, Black Trap, Brassfield, New York White Marble, Rainbow Rock, Pennsylvania Frosted Rose, Wisconsin Ebony Blend and many, many more. See our products page for pictures and listings of all our stone products.

Rock & Stone Disclaimer

Rock and Stone are natural products from the earth that are subject to variations in color, texture, veining, size and differing quarries. We would recommend that customers personally inspect rock and stone prior to purchase as differences may be apparent from example pictures on the website. Most stone is not washed in the production process and may be dusty and could include small, fine pebbles and dust particles at the time of purchase. Rains, watering and time will wash the dirt and dust and bring out the true colors of the rock over time. We cannot guarantee a perfect match consistency on our stone products, especially if a period of time has elapsed since the last purchase. Stone can also be subject to flaking and rusting over time. This is caused by minerals in the stone as well as freezing, thawing and moisture variations

All of our decorative rock and stone is versatile enough to be used in a variety of projects, so bulk ordering can save you a significant amount of time and money. Whether you need pea gravel for a walkway or you plan on landscaping with gravel in a large area, McCarty Mulch & Stone has an affordable stone solution for you.

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