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Mulch is one of the first products that a person thinks of when starting a new or existing landscaping project.  Mulch provides numerous benefits to your landscape that include the suppression of weeds, the ability to retain moisture and the control of erosion.  You can never underestimate the added aesthetic value and curb appeal of your landscape beds once covered with McCarty’s brand of landscape products.  At McCarty Mulch & Stone in Greenwood, we believe that when it comes to mulch, quality is priority #1.  That’s why we manufacture and process our own line of bulk hardwood mulches, hardwood fine mulch, and color enhanced mulch products right here at our facility located near Indianapolis, Indiana.  Be cautious, not all mulches are created equal and to prove it McCarty’s offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Some of our Natural Mulch Products

  • Hardwood Fines

    , $32.50

    Per Cubic Yard

    Another Premium Mulch Product! Perfectly reground from our Premium Hardwood Mulch which in turn sizes the smaller particles into a “fine grind” consistency mulch. Rich dark chocolate brown in color, composts quickly to make an excellent soil amendment. Size is 1″ minus

  • Woodchips

    , $28.00

    Per Cubic Yard

    Great for areas where longevity is an issue. Wood chips are shipped directly from the sawmills and are irregular in shape and size. Size range can vary from 2″ x 2″ up to larger pieces. Naturally light in color, good for areas that require little maintenance especially pathways and kennels. Not recommended for playgrounds

  • Playfun Playground Mulch

    , $30.00

    Per Cubic Yard

    McCarty’s Highest Quality playground material available! Clean, small wood chips that are processed down to a uniform chip size of 1 inch or less. Naturally light in color.  McCarty Mulch & Stone has met testing criteria and is in compliance to certain playground ASTM specs. Naturally light in color while being soft and springy. Can be used for play areas, walking paths and kennels.

  • Cypress Mulch

    , , $54.50

    Per Cubic Yard

    The Best Florida Has To Offer! A Cypress Blend shipped from the Deep South, blonde/gold in color and shredded to a consistency of 3 inches or less. Retains color and longevity more than most mulches.

  • Economy Trailmix Mulch

    , $19.95

    Per Cubic Yard

    A Cost-Effective Alternative! Shredded Chip “Trailmix”, begin as tree chips that are aged and then slowly processed to a small 1 inch chip, medium dark brown in color. These mulches are less expensive, good for dog kennels, walking paths or large planting areas.

  • Cedar Mulch

    , , $42.00

    Per Cubic Yard

    Very Aromatic! Imported from northern and western cedar forests, beautiful blonde with red tints of color, consistency of 3 inches and under, decomposes slowly.

  • Premium Hardwood

    , $29.00

    Per Cubic Yard

    Our most popular mulch! Processed from Indiana’s finest natural wood and manufactured on our site. Rich, dark chocolate brown in color and double shredded to approximately 1-2″ in size. Decomposes over time to make an excellent soil amendment.

  • McCarty’s Black Gold Mulch

    , $54.50

    Per Cubic Yard

    The absolute highest quality Hardwood Bark Mulch available. Triple shredded and perfectly aged. McCarty’s Black Gold is the darkest natural mulch available. Black Gold mulch is naturally very dark brown it is NOT black.   It makes an excellent soil amendment after decomposition. Shredded to approx. 1 inch minus.

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We proudly provide mulch products to homeowners and landscapers alike throughout central Indiana, including cities like Greenwood, Carmel, Westfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, Avon, Plainfield, Franklin, Bargersville, McCordsville and Geist.  Choosing the right mulch for your yard project is essential to the long term health and beauty of your landscape.  Choose McCarty Mulch!

Purpose of Mulch

When it comes to landscape maintenance, mulch is one of the best additions you can make to your landscape to provide long term benefits.  Mulch will save you time and energy by suppressing the growth of new weeds and reducing the impact of old stubborn weeds in your garden and landscape.  Adding a fresh layer of mulch to your landscape beds will help to maintain even, uniform soil temperatures throughout the year causing less stress on your plants.  Mulch will retain moisture and reduce evaporation, and will help to reduce and control soil erosion in your landscape.  A new layer of mulch will also provide an organic element to improve the health of the underlying soil through decomposition which in turn will promote healthier, nutrient rich soil.  And never underestimate the aesthetic benefits it will give to your landscape, providing a beautiful attractive appearance throughout the year.

Mulch Quality

McCarty Mulch doesn’t just claim to be a sustainable “green” company, in vogue as so many companies do today.  We have actually been a leader in our green strategy and environmental impact by sourcing quality raw materials that are often by-products of other industries, including sawmill wood bark and recycled tree wood fiber in the production of our mulch products.  McCarty Mulch uses only the highest quality materials available in our production process and we never use substandard raw materials or construction debris that may be contaminated with nails and chemicals.  When it comes to landscape mulch products, no one does quality like McCarty Mulch & Stone!

Mulch Types

Our customers have a wide variety of mulch types and options to choose from at McCarty Mulch, including those made from native Indiana hardwood bark, southern Florida cypress, cedar and various color enhanced dyed mulches. One of the most frequent questions we receive is…What is the “best” mulch for me to use?  And the quick and easy answer is there is no mulch that is “better” than another type.  It really just boils down to personal preference, cost, color and texture.

Our premium bark mulches and wood fiber mulches are available in different textures and consistencies including fine grind and regular grind and we also dye these products with vibrant natural colorant using brown, dark brown, black, golden or red for long lasting color retention.  For areas like dog kennels and walking paths, we manufacture economy grade mulch and woodchips . And for children’s play areas we produce a safe, soft, certified playground mulch material.

Indianapolis and all Central Indiana residents can rely on McCarty Mulch & Stone for their mulch, topsoil, and decorative stone needs.  We strive to make each customer’s experience unique, helping you find the right product to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

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