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Brown Colored Mulch

$41.00 Per Cubic Yard

A Beautiful Walnut Brown! A finely ground wood fiber mulch, generously dyed with a nontoxic coloring, rich walnut brown in color, holds color longer than other mulches, and decomposes slowly.

**Dyed mulches contain dye/color additives that need a certain amount of “drying” time after install ation & before a rain or watering. Please allow 24-48 hours for curing or drying after mulch installation to assure no runoff or discoloring. Also, please do not dump or store dyed mulches on concrete surfaces due to the potential for permanent staining.


*Minimum of 3 cubic yards for online orders. Maximum of 19 cubic yards of mulch and 5 cubic yards of rock/stone.

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Flagstone Patio and Mulch

John H.

Thanks for your fine service and quality products.

Gold Dyed mulch

Lindsay H.

I will HEARTILY recommend you all to anyone. Thanks for the amazing service.

Dyed Black Mulch

Nicholas R.

It was great. My wife has declared that you are the Amazon of mulch.

gold dyed mulch

Tom B.

We were well pleased with our transaction with McCarty. The delivery driver did an excellent job going above and beyond what I expected. Thank you.

Sandstone fire boulder - sandstone

Eric D.

Your staff made ordering and delivery very easy. The driver arrived on time and was very accommodating. Great company and I will use you every chance I get.