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Pulverized Topsoil2Great soil is an essential part of the landscaping process allowing grass, flowers, and trees to grow and flourish for many years. From the natural soil that forms the basis and structure of all organic life to the topsoil that contains the vital organic nutrients, homeowners and landscapers know that there is no replacement for great soil.

McCarty Mulch & Stone processes and stocks many different soil products. Depending on the use and requirements of your landscape project we have something to meet your needs. Products include brown native Indiana pulverized topsoil, fill dirt, nutrient-rich black peat based topsoil, custom soil blends and mixes and organic-rich compost.

Indiana weather only affords us the ability to work with dry topsoil for about half the year. At McCarty Topsoil we devote an entire building at our facility to housing dry topsoil year round, so wet weather is never an excuse to get you the soils you need, when you need it!

Affordable Prices

We’ve earned a reputation in the Central Indiana area for providing quality dry soils at affordable prices. Whatever quantity you need, from pickup truck loads to full triaxle quantities we can provide it, either for pickup or delivery. Our convenient soil delivery option means that you can have the soil of your choice to your location when you need it, without having to worry about transportation.

With a history of providing topsoil, landscaping mulch, and rock to Central Indiana residents and landscapers alike, McCarty Mulch & Soil has the solution each landscape needs to create healthy, beautiful outdoor spaces.

Before you begin your next landscape or garden project, contact us to find out how we can help you reach your maximum green thumb potential with McCarty’s premium soil products.

Compost and Soil Amendments

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6 Benefits of Using Compost in Your Garden

Compost is king. If you could only add one amendment to your garden, it would most certainly be compost. There are many other soil amendments used to solve specific issues, such as: Add sulfur or lime to adjust the pH levels of your soil. Add sand to heavy clay soil to make it more workable […]

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How to Build Soil in the Winter

It’s difficult to have a conversation about the requirements of a thriving garden without beginning with the soil. A garden with low-quality soil may produce flowers and fruit and vegetables, but the flowers won’t grow to look as healthy, and fruit/vegetables won’t contain all the nutrients, nor will they taste as good as when grown […]

Making the Best Garden Soil

  Some gardeners are blessed from the beginning with great garden soil,  that’s great! This article is for those of us that must work at it. And, while we’re talking about it, keep in mind you can buy bulk garden soil which is great for those in a hurry, waited too late in the season, […]

Soil, Landscaping’s Dirty Secret

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Mulch or Compost for your Vegetable Garden?

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Natural Remedies for Fungal Diseases Your Plants can’t Fight Alone

Most public places offer free hand sanitizer so germs don’t spread. Plants don’t have that luxury. Your plants share lawn beds with other living organisms and without proper care, contamination can occur. Lawn sanitation and treatments, however, preserve your garden’s health. Here’s what you need to know. What’s making your plants sick? Microorganisms living in […]

Preparing Landscape Beds for Gardening

When you invest in a new home or business, one is generally focused on structural or decorative projects, not the condition of the soil and how it affects future landscaping projects.  Landscaping helps with curb appeal, but without healthy topsoil; flowers, grass, trees and shrubs simply won’t mature properly. We believe that topsoil is an […]

  • Topsoil


    Per Cubic Yard

    Always under roof at McCarty Mulch. Our topsoil is sourced directly from the farm fields close to the White River here is central Indiana. This material is screened to remove the large clods and debris. Depending on moisture levels during processing, clodding can occur during manufacturing, loading and transportation. This light brown colored soil is great for creating a place to plant the landscape you have always dreamed of. Great for establishing landscape and grass. Our soil is sourced directly from farm fields and the farm fields will include small pebbles, corn or soybean stalks that have not completely decomposed, etc.

    5 yard maximum quantity when ordering online. For larger load sizes please call our office staff at 317-885-1985

  • Blended Topsoil


    Per Cubic Yard

    Formerly known as Planters Mix. Great for establishing new flower beds and general gardening! A fertile soil amendment containing a blend of pulverized topsoil and our quality garden compost along with a small batch of sand and dash of McCarty’s bark fines. Is excellent for building new flower beds or vegetable gardens. We can also mix to your specific specifications.

    5 yard maximum quantity when ordering online. For larger load sizes please call our office staff at 317-885-1985

  • Garden Compost


    Per Cubic Yard

    An Excellent Soil Amendment! Horse and cow manure mixed with straw and sawdust and aged over 18 months, turned and screened for consistency. Adds organic matter to the most clay packed soils or enhances the growth of delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers.

  • Ultra Soil


    Per Cubic Yard

    Rich in nutrients, high in organic matter content with a neutral pH. McCarty’s black potting soil is reed sedge based peat topsoil composed of sphagnum peat moss and rich, black Northern Indiana topsoil. Rich in humus and has a high degree of water and nutrient retention capabilities, this black topsoil offers the absolute highest quality, black, rich product available for your garden or landscape. Can be used for new and established lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, planters and window boxes, roses, shrubs, trees, evergreens, etc.

  • Fill Dirt


    Per Cubic Yard

    A rough fill material that may contain some clods and gravel. Often used to fill in holes or trenches but not intended to be used as a planting soil. This product is exposed to the elements so typically it is dense in moisture. For a cleaner easier working soil see our Pulverized Topsoil.

    Product is not technically Out of Stock but cannot be ordered online. Call 885-1985 to discuss fill dirt with office staff.