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Cedar Mulch Has Many Advantages

Cedar mulch is made from the bark of cedar trees, one of the most abundant trees growing in the U.S. These trees tend to consume a lot of water and compete with nearby vegetation, so in many areas of the country these trees are considered invasive. Despite common debate over whether or not to cut down trees, people are generally agreeable about targeting cedar trees because they can be plentiful to a fault.

Your choice: chipped or shredded

Cedar mulch comes shredded or chipped. Shredded cedar allows you to create a light, airy layer over the soil, so plants are protected but not damaged from the weight of the mulch.

Cedar mulch in chip form is often used in plant beds with larger, heartier plants, like trees and bushes. It is dense and heavy, so it’s not a good choice for tender or delicate plants.

Cost considerations

Cedar can be pricier than other options, but its advantages often make it worth the extra expense. It is important, though to make sure the mulch you receive when purchasing cedar is actually made from cedar trees. There are cases of providers who try to use a lower quality mulch then dye it to look like cedar.  Cedar mulch costs more than many other types of mulches but has several advantages which make it cost effective.

Long life – Cedar mulch decomposes slowly. It actually takes years to break down, so you will need to replenish less often than many other types of organic mulch.

Pleasant aroma – Cedar also gives off a pleasant aroma. This aroma tends to ward off pests – one of the main reasons cedar wood is used when making storage chests and closets.

Pest control – Cedar mulch can also help with insect control and the spread of disease. Cedar contains oil that naturally repels many common garden pests, including slugs, moths, and snails. Cedar mulch prevents splashing during rainstorms, which can control the spread of fungus spores.

Other benefits – Another benefit of mulching gardens, especially with cedar mulch, is the way the material allows soil to retain moisture. It provides shade for the soil and prevents water from evaporating. Using cedar mulch will cut down on the frequently you’ll need to water your garden. It can also help when temperatures tend to be colder overnight in the early spring and fall months. Mulch also tends to prevent weeds by depriving them of sunlight.