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Rubber mulch can bring many benefits to playgrounds, homes, and businesses making it a popular choice for playground surfacing and landscaping alike. McCarty Mulch & Stone sells rubber tire mulch, made from 100% recycled car and truck tires. Rubber mulch gives a natural look to landscaping areas and playgrounds without the maintenance of its wood mulch cousin.


In addition to its attractiveness, rubber tire mulch is popular due to its low level of required maintenance. Once in place, this type of mulch lasts longer and is less likely to blow away than other types of mulch, while still offering many of the same benefits. Rubber mulch is a non-organic material and will not decompose or break down over time.

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To create rubber mulch, manufacturers must first remove any wire from the tires before being broken down into small pieces. Black rubber mulch isn’t the only color available. We offer rubber mulch in red, brown, and uncolored. This dye process helps protect the mulch from fading over time due to exposure to sunlight and other weather elements.

Rubber Mulch is naturally springy making it a natural choice for playgrounds where children’s safety is a top priority. With our affordable delivery prices, businesses, churches, and schools can have the convenience of ordering larger quantities of rubber mulch at affordable wholesale levels saving your organization money.


McCarty Mulch & Stone offers rubber mulch pricing that is based on the quantities you need to help save you time and money. Rubber mulch is typically sold in 2000# super sacks and smaller 30# homeowner bags in the colors you need and is typically priced higher than wood mulch. When combined with the specials we routinely offer Central Indiana residents, these deals can help you stay within your budget while creating the landscape area or playground you want.


Each of our mulches feature safe non-toxic colorants that are safe for plants, humans, and pets. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals in any of our mulches, so our customers can rest assured their landscaping projects keep their homes and businesses safe. We work with each customer to make sure that they have the mulch that is best for their landscaping projects.

McCarty Mulch & Stone’s attention to providing quality products and great customer service makes us a great choice for businesses and homeowners in the Central Indiana area. If you’re looking for the best rubber mulch prices, we can help you find the best solution for your landscaping needs.

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