How to Mulch Around Trees and Shrubs

When it comes to applying mulch around trees shrubs, knowing how to properly do it can save you time and resources.

Mulching around trees and shrubs is especially important because of the effect it can have on the overall look of your landscape and the health of the plants themselves. When mulching around your plants, it is important to first remember the depth at which you are placing the mulch. Anything more than 3-4 inches is often too much and has the potential to look clumped and out of place. Not only this but if the material is too deep, plant’s roots may not be getting the amount of moisture they need to grow. For this reason, pay close attention to the depth you choose to spread the mulch around shrubs and plants. 

gold dyed mulch

When it comes to the actual mulching process, begin at the base of the shrub or tree and spread outwards. Begin by placing a small pile at the base of the plant and move outwards with your shovel or rake. When doing this, leave about 3 inches of mulch around the base of the tree, slowly thinning it out as you go away from the tree. This allows the tree or shrub to maintain moisture and oxygen but reduces the threat of weeds and other harmful plants.

Continue this process around the entirety of your landscape, and your yard will look aesthetically pleasing in no time.