Enhance Your Landscape with Professional Bulk Mulch Delivery

If you have a landscape, flower beds, a yard, or even a raised garden, one of the best things you can do to improve the quality and beauty of your growing areas is to mulch them. What is mulch? Mulch is any material used on the top of the soil to enrich, insulate, or beautify the planting area. There are many varieties of mulch, but all are designed to do the same things.

In this article, we’ll talk about how mulching can enhance your landscape, the best mulch types, the most common mulching methods, and how professional bulk mulch delivery is the easiest and most convenient method of mulching. Read on to learn more!

Why Mulch?

First of all, let’s talk about why you should mulch a landscape or garden.

The primary reason for mulching is going to be because of the way the material benefits the soil and, therefore, the plants that are growing in it. Any type of mulch provides a protective layer on the top of the soil that reduces water evaporation, prevents the growth of invasive and nutrient-guzzling weeds, and mulch with organic matter in it will decay and boost the fertility of the soil.

Another vital reason for mulching your landscape is to add beauty and visual appeal to the area. Mulched flower beds, gardens, and trees have a finished look that is almost indescribably clean and orderly. Mulch also comes in different colors and shades, so you can add a bold, dark mulch to enhance the colors of flowers, or a light, sandy-colored mulch to bring a desert oasis feel to the landscape. In sum, mulching is both beneficial and beautiful.

Which Mulch?

As mentioned above, there are several types of mulch. The most common are the wood-based varieties, including wood fiber mulch, wood fines, bark, and woodchips. Each one is useful for a different purpose.

Wood fiber mulch can be natural or colored, is slow to decompose, and is perfect for beautifying a landscape.

Wood fines are a natural, less than 1” in size, quickly composting mulch that is good for enhancing soil.

Bark mulch is a popular choice for soil amendment as it is shredded to a very small size, decomposes well, and is perfectly aged.

Finally, wood chips are a type of mulch that can range in size from large, non-uniform pieces meant for covering a wide and low-maintenance area to small, fine pieces designed for playgrounds and walking paths.

The type of mulch your landscape requires will depend on the unique design and needs of that landscape, and if you need help deciding which type is best for you, a professional is always ready to help.

Mulching Methods

So, how do you mulch your landscape? After you’ve decided on the type of mulch you want, you’ll need to purchase the right amount of it.

For large landscape mulching projects, the common method of heading to the local garden center or home improvement store and buying a large number of those 2-cubic-foot bags of mulch is not a very convenient or cost-effective plan.

Instead, it is easier and cheaper to use a bulk mulch delivery service in your area and have just the right amount of mulch delivered right to your landscape. Delivery minimizes effort, time, money, and worry.

Once it’s at your door, you can start applying the mulch in a 2-4” thick layer and watch the beautiful landscaping results appear.

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