Compost and Soil Amendments

Using compost is a fantastic way to supply your plants with the nutrients they need to grow to their fullest potential. It can be used in the family garden to grow fruits and vegetables, potted plants to improve the life of beloved flowers, and also in your landscape beds to increase the longevity of plants and shrubs.
Compost feedstocks are created from decomposed animal waste, bedding, grass clippings, leaves, and plant waste. Although it cannot be made instantly at McCarty Mulch, we allow it to sit for many months before it is sold. This allows it to decompose slowly along with regular rotation intervals, and proper moisture content, which allows it to mature properly and evenly. When the compost is finished it is then screened to a fine, black, texture. We offer three distinct products of our garden compost at McCarty Mulch, so you can be sure that you’ll find exactly what you need.

We’ll discuss each to determine which fits your needs best.

Planter’s Mix

McCarty Mulch’s Planter’s Mix is a blend of pulverized topsoil, garden compost, and a small amount of sand and mulch. These ingredients create a perfect blend for your new flower beds or the family garden. Planter’s Mix will provide you with the base that you need to ensure that your plants are getting the nutrients that they need to thrive.

Garden Compost

Our Garden Compost is exactly what the title says, it is McCarty’s purest form. A blend of farmyard manure, straw, and sawdust is combined and left to sit and age for over 18 months. This produces fine, black soil that adds organic matter, nutrients, nitrogen, and oxygen to anything planted within it. Not only that, but our garden compost is great at retaining moisture, making it a perfect amendment to topsoil or Planter’s Mix to create the perfect environment for your potted plants or garden.


The last of McCarty’s three forms of compost is our Ultra Soil. The most popular of them all, Ultra Soil is a blend of reed sedge-based peat moss and rich, black Northern Indiana topsoil. This high-quality soil offers superior water and nutrient retention and helps to keep your plants oxidized and healthy, allowing for phenomenal growth. Ultra-Soil is also rich and humus and nitrogen, giving your plants the natural chemicals necessary to grow.