How to Plan for Your Mulch Delivery

Mulch has a lot of benefits for your home – for your garden, for your lawn, and even for the environment! Mulch creates healthier soil, promotes better plant growth, controls weeds, and makes your outdoor landscape look more attractive, among many other benefits. Read on for our guide on what to consider when planning a mulch delivery to your home.

1. Determine your landscape plans and the quantity of material needed.

Whether you choose stone, rock, or traditional wood mulch, you need the proper tools and materials to receive and move your landscaping material once it’s delivered to your home.

Determine how much mulch you need: Calculate the square footage of the area you want to mulch and determine how many cubic yards of mulch you need. McCarty Mulch sells mulch, soil, and decorative rock by the cubic yard. You can calculate the amount of landscape material needed for your project on our website at https://www.landscapemulch.com/calculator/

mulch delivery2. Choosing the right materials for your job

Whether looking to freshen up your garden or completely revamp your outside space, mulch is a vital component. However, it’s necessary to consider whether you need to use mulch in all parts of your project or if other materials, such as decorative rock or river rock, may suit your needs more.

There are many types of mulch available, including Dyed Mulch, Woodchips, and Natural Hardwood mulches. Choose the type that best fits your needs and preferences.

 3. Plan the Location for Your Mulch Delivery

Prepare the delivery site: Clear any debris or obstacles from where the mulch will be delivered, spreading a tarp on the dump location if applicable. Ensure there is enough space for the delivery truck to maneuver and drop off the mulch.

If you are not at home when you schedule a mulch delivery, specify exactly where you want your mulch to ensure ease of access and completeness of delivery. Use chalk outlines, cones, or other visual indicators of your dump site, so drivers know where you want them to be. Have a secondary location in mind if it’s determined that your primary location will not be feasible due to powerlines, sprinkler systems, weather conditions, and other factors.

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