Preparing Landscape Beds for Gardening

When you invest in a new home or business, one is generally focused on structural or decorative projects, not the condition of the soil and how it affects future landscaping projects.  Landscaping helps with curb appeal, but without healthy topsoil; flowers, grass, trees and shrubs simply won’t mature properly. We believe that topsoil is an essential part of landscaping and guarantee it will increase longevity for your lawn and landscape. Here are guidelines to prep landscape beds for spring gardening.

Do You Know If Your Soil is Healthy?

Topsoil contains vital organic nutrients homeowners and landscapers know are necessary for plant growth. You can determine the condition of your soil with a soil test, which will confirm if your soil has all the organic matter and nutrients your plants need to grow.  

Soil analysis will measure the number of nutrients in your lawn—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are natural elements mixed in soil and a life source for plants. Checking the balance of these elements is important, here’s why:  

Phosphorus: promotes plant maturity and seed development

Nitrogen: feed tree roots to aid leaf growth and produce green leaves

Potassium: nurtures plant strength and boost plant color

Potenz Hydrogen: pH balance measures the acidity of a solution in your garden’s soil

Avoid neglecting your soil’s natural resources on your property, especially malnourished areas that require more attention. Testing your soil will reveal its strengths and weakness. Soil testing kits are found at any local gardening retailer.

Types of Soil

The types of topsoil your lawn needs depend on the requirements of your landscaping project. Topsoil sustains life in flowers, grass, shrubs, and trees with roots reaching deep into the soil. Testing your soil or conducting a soil analysis will affirm the condition of your lawn:

Pulverized Topsoil:  Put on a fresh layer of topsoil to rid the soil of clods and rocks. Pulverized to a fine consistency, pulverized field soil is perfect for your general landscaping needs.

Organic Black Peat-Based Topsoil:  Is substantially rich in organic matter with a neutral pH balance. Loaded with humus, hydrated with a high degree of water and nutrient retention capabilities.

Compost: A blend of animal waste, leaves and mulch fines. Aged like a fine wine; compost gets better with age. Turning compost at regular intervals will aid the decomposition process. Not recommended for direct seeding.

Planters Mix:  A combination of pulverized topsoil and compost with a small amount of sand and bark fines for permeability. Planters mix will give your soil the little extra boost that it needs.

Visit a reputable topsoil retailer near central Indiana for topsoil that is rich with all the resources your garden needs to grow. McCarty Mulch and Stone is devoted to providing topsoil all year so you can have a healthy, beautiful outdoor space. Contact us and ask about our delivery options or visit us in Greenwood Indiana and we’ll help you reach your maximum green thumb potential with our premium soil products.