Driveway Renovation: Gravel vs. Crushed Stone

Does your driveway do your home justice? It could add an aged appearance to an otherwise well-maintained property, especially when the driveway is filled with debris, cracked asphalt, or concrete sprouting brown vegetation.  An easy fix that will give your home a modern look is to Install pea gravel or crushed stone.

Characteristics of gravel and crushed stone


A gravel driveway can function as a concrete driveway. Gravel is more attractive: it’s multi-colored, used to create walkways, and creates accents around stepping stones and garden beds. Without reinforcement, gravel can travel outside of boundaries due to foot traffic and vehicles. Using edging materials, like bricks and stones, keeps gravel in place and adds aesthetic–especially around larger pavers. Even though it’s cheaper than new asphalt or concrete, maintenance includes:

  • Refilling to keep a clean-cut look
  • Raking in the fall
  • Shoveling in the winter

Crushed Stone:

Has multiple classifications, but the stone size will determine how it should be used. Examples include: serving as a base for pavers and roads, fence drain, and concrete blocks. This easy-to-find material is available in a variety of types and sizes, including clean and decorative stone. Crushed stone can look and function well within any landscape or exterior home decor, and it pours into any shape no matter how irregular. It’s typically cheaper than other stone options, and maintenance is simple:

  • No need to dry and cure before being used
  • Rake grass clippings and leaves, which spreads the rocks evenly
  • Fill  patches immediately

How to prepare your  driveway

Filling the area is only part of the work required for gravel or crushed stone driveway. First, measure the parameters of the area you want to be covered, especially if it’s long with a few curves or has a slope. This will save you time and headaches later. Additionally, you will need to:

  • Remove topsoil
  • Drain any subsoil water
  • Use geotextile to keep subsoil dry when it rains (optional)

Gravel or crushed stone is simple to install, but since crushed stone is heavier it’s best to use it on top of the geotextile. If you don’t, high wind gusts will carry it away. Adding a crown, which is a slight dip in the center, directs water flow off the sides of the driveway during rainy seasons.

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