Which Type of Mulch Should I Use?

Your Guide to Mulch

Thinking about using mulch to elevate your landscape? Much is a great way to improve your soil quality, slow weed growth, and make your yard look more attractive. 

A single bag of mulch can cover 12 square feet, so you may consider buying in bulk the next time you take on a major landscaping project. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of mulch and what kind of bulk mulch you should buy for landscaping projects.

Benefits of Mulch

Mulch yields many benefits to a landscape by helping add nutrients to the soil. Mulch helps protect the ground from temperature changes and retain water. This also helps to reduce weeds and cut back on daily maintenance needs.

Different Types of Mulch

Mulch can be made of organic or inorganic, however, its primary purpose is to make landscaping management easier in the long term. Although three primary categories of mulch are natural mulch, inorganic mulch, and color-enhanced mulch. 

Natural Mulch

Natural mulch is made of chopped leaves, straw, compost, bark, and wood chips. As organic soil begins to decompose it will add nutrients to the soil. Over time this mulch will lose its color and need to be replaced. Consider your garden needs when selecting your natural mulch mixture.

Inorganic Mulch

Inorganic mulch is made of black plastic and geotextiles. Although equally effective in discouraging weed growth, inorganic mulch does not provide nutrients to the soil.

MulchThe added benefit of inorganic mulch is that it helps to warm the soil and radiate heat. This makes it resourceful for gardens in colder climates.

Color Enhanced Mulch

If you’re looking for mulch that requires less maintenance, then consider choosing color-enhanced mulch

Color-enhanced mulch is produced with a dye that doesn’t fade or decompose as quickly as natural mulch, and as a result, does not require as much maintenance. 

Why Buy Bulk Mulch?

Making bulk mulch purchases can help save you a lot of money when landscaping. Retailers often mark up costs for bagging the product. So you can actually save money by making the eco-friendly choice.

When you make bulk mulch orders, you also get a consistent batch. When you purchase bagged mulch from the store, each bag may slightly differ in color or chip size. For landscaping projects making bulk purchases can help make sure your landscaping projects look cohesive.

At McCarty Mulch & Stone we have our own fleet of delivery trucks to help ease your landscaping experience. These deliveries come to you directly to your door and can save you from carrying hefty loads two and from your home.

Use Mulch When Landscaping

Adding mulch to your landscaping projects is one of the best things you can do to nurture your trees and plants. Mulch can elevate landscaping projects while helping improve the health and functionality of a landscape.

Investing in mulch is the best way to improve your landscaping projects. Contact us for all of your bulk mulch needs.