Why You Should Apply Fall Mulch

The Benefits to Applying Mulch in the Fall

Some realtors recommend that homeowners should spend between 5 and 10% of their home’s value on landscaping. It can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re planning to sell or not. 

That said, even 5% of your home’s value can amount to thousands of dollars. After spending that kind of money, it can feel disheartening when your plants don’t make it. 

Luckily, applying fall mulch can help protect your landscape and garden through the winter and save you the trouble of buying new plants in the spring. Read on to learn why mulching should be on your fall landscaping to-do list. 

Insulates the Ground from Temperature Changes

In the winter months, the ground freezes and thaws several times throughout the winter. These extreme temperature changes are very hard on your plants. 

Mulch acts as a barrier and blanket for your flower beds by keeping the temperature at a moderate level and avoiding extreme temperatures. 

Keeps Weeds at Bay

You might think weeds are only a problem in the spring and summer, but fall is actually a crucial time for weed prevention. Applying fall mulch while doing gardening can prevent many weeds from sprouting when the seasons change. 

As soon as the weather heats up in the spring, your plants will start to grow rather than the weeds.  

Why You Should Apply Fall MulchPrevents the Loss of Topsoil

During blustery winter storms, bare topsoil can get carried off in the wind. You might not notice it’s happening until you see how shallow your flower beds look in the spring. 

Soil erosion can be an expensive problem to fix as you’ll need to buy new topsoil. Plus, it can harm your plants.

Applying mulch in the fall will keep this valuable dirt from blowing away. It weighs down the dirt and holds it close to your plants and shrubs.  

Helps Retain Moisture

Spreading mulch in the fall also helps lock moisture into the soil. A thick layer of mulch helps insulate the dirt, not only from the cold but also from the dry air of winter. 

Think of your skin in the winter. You probably apply moisturizer to protect your skin’s barrier from getting dry. Mulch behaves in the same way. 

After fall mulching, you’ll have soil that’s moister and easier to work within the spring.  

Provides Nutrients to the Soil

Natural mulches like premium hardwood, cypress, cedar, and compost slowly break down over time. And when they decompose, it can release nutrients back into the soil. 

As the weather heats up in the spring, mulch will create more fertile soil. Plus, the warmth created by the mulch also helps microorganisms thrive. That also creates a healthier home for plants. 

Don’t Delay, Apply Fall Mulch Today

Fall mulch is an important step in any landscaping maintenance routine. It insulates the soil from cold weather, adds nutrients, and keeps weeds away. 

Whether you’re mulching your vegetable garden or your flower beds, McCarty Mulch and Stone can help. We offer a selection of premium mulches as well as home delivery to the Indianapolis area. 

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