How Mulch Can Help Weed Control and Soil Health

You may think that most people add mulch to their gardens and landscaping because of its aesthetic beauty, but there are many more reasons to use it than that.

Mulch looks great, but it also can be a big help when it comes to keeping your soil moist and healthy and it also will help you combat weeds.

The benefits of mulch are numerous and if you’re not using it on your property already, you’ll want to after reading this post.

Read on to learn about the wonders of mulch and why it’s a wonderful idea for any spot on your property where you want plants to grow and flourish.

Five Benefits of Mulch

There are two categories of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic mulches include things like wood chips, grass clippings, or leaves. Many people like organic mulches because they are all natural and are always changing. As they break down, they renew the soil, too.

On the other hand, some people prefer inorganic mulches. Some of these are all-natural too, like pebbles and gravel; other inorganic mulches include rubber or plastic mats or chips.

No matter which kind of mulch you like best, adding mulch to your garden and landscaping offers numerous benefits. You’ll soon wonder why you weren’t using it all along.

1. Moisture Retention

Perhaps the most common and useful of the benefits of mulch is to aid in the retention of moisture in your soil. When the sun beats down on the soil, it gets hot fast, and as a result, any water added to it evaporates quickly. Mulch acts as a shade to keep the soil cool, and the mulch itself blocks the evaporation, allowing the water to cycle back into the soil.

2. Weed Control

The second main reason that homeowners and gardeners in general use mulch are to control the growth of weeds. If your soil is open to the elements, weed seeds can land in your beds. As sun and water hit them, you’ve given them an optimal environment to grow.

Mulch blocks these things. Seeds are not as easily able to plant themselves in the soil and, even if they do, the sun will not reach them, and the weed seedlings will quickly die.

3. Added Nutrients

If you choose organic mulch, it will break down over time. As it does, it will release helpful nutrients into the soil. You may even be able to see your soil get darker; darker soil is more nutrient-rich than lighter-colored soil.

4. Erosion Blockage

Rain washes away unprotected soil through the process of erosion. Homeowners who leave their soil uncovered will find themselves buying more soil each year to replace lost soil.

Mulch will help keep your soil where it belongs. The rain will still fall, but your mulch will hold the soil in place.

5. Insect Repellent

Do you have annoying insects in your yard? Mulch can help with that, too. Some organic mulch types can deter these pests. Ticks, mosquitos, gnats, and fleas hate the smell of cedar or cypress.

Happy Mulching

There are so many benefits of mulch. It’s surprising that it isn’t used by every homeowner or gardener already. Once you start using mulch, you’ll never go back to open, uncovered beds again!

If you’re interested in adding some mulch to the beds on your property in the Indianapolis metro area or anywhere in Indiana, give us a call today. We can advise you on some great ideas for every situation. We can’t wait to hear from you!