Natural Stone Design Trends For Your Landscaping

You’ve purchased your mulch and other landscaping accessories for the new season but something is missing. Maybe you need a little something extra to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. Try something new. Start your creative venture with natural stone designs.

What is natural stone?

  • It does not have synthetic material and chemicals
  • It blends effortlessly with the outdoor environment and
  • It’s versatile

Natural stone products include granite, limestone, sandstone, marble, and slate. These stones are frequently used in environmental designs. Using natural stone means you get to choose a selection of design projects. You can cover unwanted dirt paths using granite flagstone. These are flat stones available in multiple colors like blue, gray, pink, black, pale green, and burgundy. Give your yard some privacy by adding natural stone walls, too. Natural stone will hold up better over time, unlike artificial stones that fade. (Artificial stones are painted concrete that  is exposed more over time during seasonal changes.)

How to pick a natural stone

Be sure that the stone you select is suitable for your yard. This requires understanding the parameters of your home so you can calculate how much stone you will need. Create a budget for your project. Connect with your local suppliers. Natural stone products are an investment, so let your distributor select a stone that meets your budget and quality standards.  

Choosing color and pattern helps set the tone for your landscaping project. Consider all options available–view and sample stones at your local distributor. Before making a final decision, you want a realistic visual of how the stone will look in your yard, so take pictures when you visit your retailer and give yourself time to think through your options.

Stone project ideas

You want your landscape design to “pop!” Natural stones have reliable versatility. You can design steps, waterfalls, fire pits, and benches based on the most popular designs using natural stone, because the multichromatic color range, textures, and patterns are aesthetically pleasing.

If you decide to do a wall cladding design that allows water to pour down stone walls creating a waterfall, do some research on the right stone that is required. Absorption data determines how the stone will age and wear over time as it gets wet, so be aware of that prior to executing the project. Although stone will last a long time, knowing what you’re up against is advantageous.

For example, a stone concrete floor is beautiful paving that will have a large impact on the overall look of your project. Stone absorption is challenged when weather elements like snow, water, and ice freeze on the surface and rest there. Be sure to research stone specifications for snowy seasons and natural stone flooring.

But before you dig, plan your project and dig with care.  If you’re a resident in Greenwood, IN the city will help you with safety guidelines and laws for digging. You need to know specific details about where you plan to dig and mark those designated areas with white paint or flags.  Utility flags create safe zones for digging with hand tools.

When you’re ready to build a retaining wall, flagstone path, or a stone fire pit? We can help. McCarty Mulch & Stone has served the city of Greenwood and the greater Indianapolis area for more than 20 years. Let us help you plan your landscaping projects, receive quality materials, and experience 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a call today!