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What Should You Plant in the Late Fall in Indiana

Fall in the midwest has arrived, and with it, cold weather. This often means the end of the planting season for many homeowners and gardeners. And for good reason. No one wants to spend money on seeds or saplings and invest hours into planting, only to watch as their...

Tips for Planting Grass Seeds in the Fall

There is an estimated 40 million acres of turf grass in the United States. For many homeowners, the goal is to have a perfectly green lawn that's uniform in color and thickness. If your lawn doesn't live up to this standard, then it could be time to consider planting...

Natural Remedies For Fungal Diseases

Most public places offer free hand sanitizer so germs don’t spread. Plants don’t have that luxury. Your plants share lawn beds with other living organisms and without proper care, contamination can occur. Lawn sanitation and treatments, however, preserve your garden’s...

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