Save Time and Money with Convenient Bulk Mulch Delivery Services

When working on a landscaping project, designing a flower bed, or building a raised garden, one of the materials you often require a lot of is mulch. Whether it is wood fines, bark, compost, wood chips, or another type of mulch, you’ll need quite a bit in order to layer 2-4 inches of it over an area of any size.

The problem is that mulch from a home improvement store or garden center tends to only come in bags of 2 cubic feet, which will only cover an area of 6-12 square feet–nowhere near enough for the vast majority of projects. Buying 20+ bags of mulch in this way is both expensive, time-consuming, and a physical hassle as you have to drive to the store, load up the bags on a cart, load them into your car or trailer, and then unload all of them at home.

So, what is the alternative? Bulk mulch delivery services. These services are designed to help landscapers and homeowners get the bulk mulch they need conveniently and affordably. Let’s look at these services in more detail.

What are Bulk Mulch Delivery Services?

Bulk mulch delivery services are offered by landscape companies and mulch and rock stores. The plural form, “services,” is used over the singular because these services include several aspects of mulch delivery and not just the physical driving of mulch from one place to another.

Instead, bulk mulch delivery services help customers choose the right mulch for their project, can help them know how many cubic yards to order, will load the mulch onto a delivery truck, drive it out to their landscape or yard, dump the mulch wherever the customer needs it, and even spread it out for them.

How Is It More Convenient?

Bulk mulch delivery services are a far more convenient option for homeowners and landscapers than buying individual bags of mulch from a store. How is this? Because customers can order the exact amount of mulch they need and have it delivered to them efficiently and without waste.

Bulk mulch delivery means no plastic bags to tear through and throw away, no heavy lifting of bags to move from one place to another, no making of multiple trips to the store to get more mulch, and no cleaning of the car is required afterward.

Convenient bulk mulch delivery ultimately saves time and effort, allowing you to get to work on that landscaping project sooner and see results faster.

How Do You Save Money?

For large landscaping projects, bulk mulch delivery services help homeowners save money. For example, if you were to buy individual bags of premium natural hardwood fines mulch for, say, $4.00 a bag, and you needed two cubic yards of it, you would end up paying around $108.00 for 27 bags of mulch. On the other hand, if you were to order the same premium mulch via bulk mulch delivery services, you could get those two cubic yards for $65.00. That is a savings of nearly 40%.

In addition, you will save money with bulk mulch delivery services because you can order just the right amount of mulch, whereas if you buy bags of it, you might end up with too much or too little. Plus, even including the cost of delivery, you still end up saving money by not having to pay more for gas for your trips to and from the store.

Bulk Mulch Delivery Services in Central Indiana

If you are in central Indiana and you need high-quality, money-saving bulk mulch delivery services, McCarty Mulch & Stone is here to help. Order your bulk mulch online today, or contact us for professional help!