Landscaping Trends: Using Mulch and Stone to Create a Modern Outdoor Space

Creating a gorgeous outdoor space is the dream of many homeowners looking to modernize their landscape design. Staying knowledgeable about the latest landscaping trends can help you decide what works best for your home and what style will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood.

But how can you use materials like mulch and stone to create a modern, trendy outdoor space? Here are some of the latest landscaping trends you can create using mulch and stone to enhance your design.

Design a Pathway

Creating an inviting, elegant pathway through your garden or yard with natural stone pavers is an excellent way to include stone and mulch in your landscaping design. Line the edges of your pathway with a defined mulch border to accentuate the stone’s appearance. This addition will give a neat, tidy feel to your landscaping. Choose stones with contrasting colors to the mulch to make your pathway stand out.

Create a Stone Garden

Who said gardens have to be limited to traditional plants? You can use stones to create a visually striking landscape by creating a stone garden. This space uses large, smooth stones arranged in patterns and formations for an incredibly modern aesthetic and clean, polished look. Surround the stones with a generous layer of mulch to complete the appearance. You can also consider adding potted plants and foliage to the space to enhance the look you’re aiming for.

Display a Stone Retaining Wall

A contemporary stone retaining wall can define your outdoor space and stand out in your overall landscape design. For a modern look, choose sleek, textured stones in a monochromatic color palette. Your wall can be a focal point in your landscape or a tasteful addition to the scenery.

Additionally, you can create boulder walls using mulch and stone as accents in your garden or other areas of your landscape. Using large stones to accentuate specific parts of your outdoor space can add visual appeal to your design. Lining up stones on top of a layer of mulch to create a “wall” around your garden might be exactly what you need to take your garden to the next level.

Benefits of Using Mulch and Stone

There are several benefits of using mulch and stone in your landscaping efforts. No matter what your landscaping goals are, mulch and stone can–and should–be incorporated into the final design for some of the following reasons:

  • Weed suppression by blocking out sunlight to the plant
  • Water conservation because mulch can hold water better than traditional topsoil
  • Low-maintenance requirements compared to other landscaping materials, saving you cost in the long run and eliminate the need for time-consuming maintenance
  • Elegant, modern appearance and versatility to suit any landscape

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