Mini Pine Bark Nuggets

$5.89 per 2 cubic foot bag

Small natural pine nuggets, about 5/8″ - 1½”, that are good for use in landscape beds, walkways and paths. They help prevent weed growth, help retain moisture and insulate soil to protect roots in cold weather.

Full Pallet (65 bags)–$5.50 ea.

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  • Description


    Pine Mulch: Great Option for Plants that Love Acidity

    Mulch is especially effective for helping you maintain a healthy garden, but not all mulches are the same. Certain types of mulch are ideal for certain applications. For instance, pine mulch offers a variety of benefits and is especially useful in home gardens with flowers, herbs and vegetables, and berries.

    Special Characteristic

    It’s important to know it pine mulch creates acidic soil and should be laid in areas where plants that tolerate and/or prefer acidic soil.

    Other Benefits of Pine Mulch

    Like all mulches, pine mulch is an organic way to prevent weed growth and help soil maintain its moisture.

    At the same time, pine mulch is good at letting soil breath, so it does not become compacted or dense.

    Pine mulch decomposes and allows nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorous to seep into soil and feed plants.

    Pine mulch can also help protect against harsh winter conditions and intense summer heat.

    Pine Bark Nuggets

    Best Uses for Pine Mulch

    Flower Beds

    A variety of flowers love pine mulch. Marigolds, zinnias, and snapdragons find it especially beneficial. If your garden and landscaping features any of these flowers, pine mulch would be a great addition to the bedding.

    Herbs and Vegetables

    Are you growing an herb or vegetable garden and looking for an affordable, effective organic mulch? Pine mulch is a great option. Herbs and vegetables tend to thrive in acid-rich soil. Most prefer soil with a pH level of 6.5 to 7, which can be easily achieved with the addition of pine mulch. Onions, garlic, and potatoes do especially well with pine mulch.


    Finally, if you have berry bushes in your hard and you want the bushes to produce healthy, juicy, berries, put a layer of pine mulch around the base of the bushes. Many types of berry plants thrive in acidic conditions. Even strawberries fare well with higher levels of acidity created by pine mulch. This is especially true for blueberry and raspberry bushes. Keep in mind your bushes also need bright sunlight and good drainage.

    If you are looking for an affordable, attractive mulch that’s easy to apply, pine mulch is a great option.