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Tired of your natural mulch fading out and decomposing too quickly? Would you like long lasting, vibrant color in your landscape beds? Then try one of our dyed colored mulches! Finely ground wood fiber mulch that is generously dyed with a nontoxic coloring for a timeless, attractive appearance.

Colors include jet black, dark brown, regular brown, red, and gold. When we say we generously add color to our colored mulches, rest assured we are making you the best color enhanced mulch product available for your money. Compare our dyed mulches to the competition and we think you will agree that there is no comparison.

Dyed mulch typically holds color longer than natural mulch and does not fade out as quickly. Slow to decompose and processed to 2” and under in size.

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We produce our dyed enhanced mulches using the latest technology in coloring equipment, liquid dye and quality mulch products. McCarty Mulch uses only the highest quality materials available in our production process and we never use substandard raw materials such as ground up 2’x4’s, pallet wood or construction debris that may be contaminated with nails and chemicals. The process starts by taking one of our quality landscape mulches and loading it into our 20 ton mixing machine. The mulch goes through a vigorous mixing process, at the same time water and and vibrant dye colorant are added to the mixture to produce the highest quality dye enriched mulch available.


Our colored mulch is made with non-toxic heartland enriched colorants that are processed using “Color-Safe” Technology. This colorant is completely safe for shrubs, plants, pets and children. Some of the same materials used to make the colorant are the same materials used commonly in lipsticks, cosmetics and food containers. Colored Mulch produced with Heartland® Enriched Colorants is safe for use around the home. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that colored mulch presents no more concern for children or pets than regular mulches.

While some parts of the world still use lead or cadmium-based pigments found in paints and coatings, we understand the risks involved with heavy metals and VOCs, and do not add heavy metals. Heartland Ultra Colorants were tested by an independent, accredited laboratory for testing and the colorants were studied for acute exposure through ingestion, inhalation, dermal contact, and eye contact. The results were that our colorants qualify for classification in Category IV, the lowest concern category that the test recognizes.


Colored mulch needs time to cure once it is placed down in your landscape area and it can also stain driveways especially during heavy rains. We encourage placing a tarp down where the mulch will be dumped to prevent staining, and we also recommend wearing old clothing and gloves while spreading. Please give dyed mulch 24-72 hours of drying or curing time in the landscape beds before watering or heavy rainfall to prevent mulch discoloration or runoff. Dyed mulch may take a little more TLC in the beginning but the color will look great throughout the whole season.

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